the making of in my book

This 14 minute film is an in depth look at how film makers from JUMPcuts worked with a group of actors with learning disabilities, to devise, write and shoot the ten minute drama 'In My Book'.

Three years in the making, the process began with devising the content for the film based on the actors’ strong personal memories. The story of Graham Spittel’s real life encounter with Lady Di stood out and became the central focus for the writing of the script. 

As this development process continued, the film makers noticed that Kester Moon (who plays Mark in the film) was documenting the day’s events in minute detail in his grey notebook. These two elements were then combined to produce the final story that you see on screen. 

In My Book is a Film Academy Production for JUMPcuts - a creative film making project for people with learning disabilities.

The film was made by Gabrielle Jones with the support of Stephen Clarke of JUMPcuts film.

running time: 14mins

A biggerhouse film production for JUMPcuts in association with Somerset Film 2011.