Film Academy

Film Academy is a creative film making project that will enable groups of adults with learning disabilities to become empowered storytellers, filmmakers and actors. Film Academy will build opportunities for students to take part equally in the culture of film.

Three years in the making, our first film In My Book is now complete. The process began with devising the content for the film based on the actors’ strong personal memories. The story of Graham Spittel’s real life encounter with Lady Di stood out and became the central focus for the writing of the script. 

As this development process continued, the film makers noticed that Kester Moon (who plays Mark in the film) was documenting the day’s events in minute detail in his grey notebook. These two elements were then combined to produce the final story that you see on screen. 

In My Book

Mark sits on the outside. He sees everything but never takes part . . .

“It's all in here. In my book. If something happens, I write it down. What I hear, what I see, and what they say. I take my book with me all the time. It's full of bits of people”.

. . . but a secret from the past will finally make him connect to the present.

Funded by: Somerset County Council Network For Social Change Lankelly Chase Foundation & South West Screen

A biggerhouse film production for JUMPcuts in association with Somerset Film 2011.

Total film running time 12 mins

visit the film academy channel on VIMEO

Our Vision

At JUMPcuts we are committed to an inclusive and collaborative approach to making media. We recognise that everyone benefits from this approach. Building capacity among our learning disabled communities is building capacity for us all.