Caring For Teeth


Caring for Teeth – An entertaining & informative documentary that looks at the challenges of achieving good oral care within care homes.

A practically based film for staff and residents – including care for clients with learning disabilities, with dementia and for those who have suffered strokes or have underlying medical problems. This half hour film is also useful for professionals working in hospital settings.

The film covers the following topics;
Sugar and frequency of food
Plaque and tartar (calculus)
Brushing hints and tips
Dry mouth
Integrating and prioritising oral care within assessments and health plans

DVD extras:
Information on ulcers, mouth cancer, fluoride on prescription and adapting tooth brushes to increase their usability for both residents and staff.
Also includes cleaning chart and questionnaire that can be photocopied.

"I have just bought your new DVD, Caring for Teeth. It is really good, I love the drawings. I am looking forward to taking it out."

Lynette Anear, Senior Oral Health Improvement Practitioner for the Sussex PCT

Carers who have seen this film have said:
“You’re learning, taking in all the information and laughing at the same time.”

“I do think you learn because it is real, you can relate to it, that’s what we face every day!”

“Usually with a training film you just get talked at but with this one you see it from the dentists’ point of view, the carers’ point of view and the residents’ point of view.”

Funded by NHS Somerset

A big thanks to all the staff and residents featured in the film. Special thanks to Somerset Care and Voyage for their support with the project.

Total film running time: 35 mins

Caring For Teeth
Caring For Teeth
Caring For Teeth
Caring For Teeth

(1 - 10): £6.99

(11 - 50): £5.00