Moving On

Moving On (Relationships & Sexuality training DVD)

5 real life stories about relationships and sexuality from people with a learning disability. 

Michael wants a girlfriend but is stuck in the grey zone. 

Phil and Ali are moving in together. 

Jo has never talked about it, since it happened. 

Anton says it’s just a label.

Dan thinks they’re ready but Sue is not so sure.

Includes a menu of specially devised questions to accompany each story and promote discussion.

The DVD also features ‘Best Interest - Paul's Story' a 10 minute award winning drama about two young people who want to be together - if only everyone else would let them.

Commissioned by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

A biggerhouse film production for JUMPcuts in association with Somerset Film 2008.

Total film running time: 28 mins

Moving On
Moving On
Moving On
Moving On

(1-10): £6.99

(11-50): £5.00