shape UP


'James needs to lose weight but he's fed up with everyone having a go at him....

Jane wants to stop eating junk food but finds it too tempting...

Jake wants to put weight on because he thinks he is too weedy...

when will they all learn to shape UP?'

A short film and trainer’s pack which provides an interactive flexible learning experience designed to help a group find out about healthier lifestyles. Watch the film and work with up 10 students via the 10 individual student workbooks.

Recently toured the UK, Prague and Canada as part of the Oska Bright Film Festival.

The film is also available to purchase separately from the trainer’s pack.

Total film running time: 19 mins to get the luxury christian dior replica online.

Commissioned by the Food Standards Agency and Somerset Learning Disability Services.

A biggerhouse film production for JUMPcuts in association with Somerset Film 2008.

See the making of shape UP

Trainer’s pack and student workbook available.

shape UP
shape UP
shape UP
shape UP

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(1 - 10): £6.99

(11 - 50): £5.00