Teeth - The Musical


Fred runs away from the dentist because his teeth start singing to him.

“Attention, Attention, this is your teeth, talking to you from your mouth!”

In this epic musical journey, Fred meets Mr Toothpaste and Mr Toothbrush and learns everything there is to know about teeth and the entire subject of Dental Hygiene.

An animated musical about oral hygiene made with learning disabled students and designed as an entertaining film with tunes that are not only catchy but contain lots of relevant oral hygiene information and tips. To work with individuals and classes.

The film has won the Education Business Award For 2010 - Somerset County Council. The Patron's Prize at the National Oral Health Promotion Group conference 2010 and the 'Best Education Award' at the Picture This Film Festival in Canada.

"I took Teeth the Musical to a special school last week and showed it to the whole upper school in the hall. They were laughing, clapping and trying to sing. All the staff had big smiles too".

Lynette Anear, Senior Oral Health Improvement Practitioner for the Sussex PCT

Total film running time: 14 mins

Funded by NHS Somerset

Trainer’s pack and student workbook available.

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Teeth - The Musical
Teeth - The Musical
Teeth - The Musical
Teeth - The Musical

(1 - 10): £6.99

(11 - 50): £5.00