germ ACADEMY | Trainer's Pack


Watch the film here online and download the trainer's pack and student magazine for free.

This pack works alongside our multi award winning film Germ Academy and provides an interactive flexible learning experience designed to help students find out about food hygiene and living independently.

How the pack works . . .

The Trainer's Pack has been designed to support the Germ Academy film and work in parallel with the Student Magazine.

Watch the film first, then work through the Trainer's Pack getting the students to complete the chapters in their own copy of the Student Magazine. The pack covers:

chilling food

The Trainer’s Pack provides the structure for the learning experience. It is broken up into 8 chapters which relate to the 8 chapters in the student magazine.

Each chapter introduces the relevant sections of the DVD. The aims will be outlined, up to 4 levels of activity will be suggested and topics for discussion will be introduced.

Student Magazine Students will be given their own copy of the magazine, which they can add to throughout the learning process. It reminds students of the themes and characters in film, and provides them with the space to record the outcomes of their learning experience.

Students should be encouraged to take ownership of the magazine throughout the learning process.


‘Germ Academy is an excellent resource to support learners with moderate learning disabilities to help them understand the difficult concepts involved with food safety. All learners identify well with the characters in the film and like the images.’

Martin Mann – Vocational Training Manager at Foxes Academy

You can also order the DVD and printed versions of the packs to be sent to you.


1 x Trainer's Pack

1 x Germ Academy DVD

1 x Student Magazine (for staff to copy as needed)

germ ACADEMY | Trainer's Pack
germ ACADEMY | Trainer's Pack
germ ACADEMY | Trainer's Pack
germ ACADEMY | Trainer's Pack